Malta Women's Lobby Acts as a national forum to discuss and highlight issues on women’s rights leading to concrete recommendations, conclusions and actions to ensure equality between women and men; Disseminates best practices in the field of women’s rights in order to guarantee equal opportunities; Contributes towards an improvement of national policy and strategy vis-à-vis women’s issues; Improves the co-operation between policy makers, NGO’s and others working in the field of women’s issues Informs, links and raises awareness, among women’s organisations, on European issues; Works directly with European institutions to ensure that women’s needs and perspectives become an equal and integral part of European policies; Keeps members updated on national and EU directives, regulations and legislation regarding women’s issues including gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming.

This page contains information related to contact details of organisations that provide services for women.

AGENZIJA APPOGG ………………… 2295 9000





All calls received on the EU Emotional Support Helpline 116 123 and EU Child Helpline 116 111, are also dealt with by the Support line 179 team.

The EU Emotional Support Helpline 116 123 offers emotional support to callers suffering from loneliness, those who find themselves in a state of psychological crises, and those who require emotional support due to various life situations they might be encountering.

The EU Child Helpline 116 111 offers help and support for children and young people. The services enables children and young  people to find solutions to their problems and links them to others services and resources

179 is a Freephone from all landlines and mobile phones.

St Jeanne Antide Foundation

This Foundation “provide[s] professional support services to very vulnerable individuals and families who are suffering due to very difficult life circumstances and those who are sliding into poverty and are socially excluded.”

SOAR is a survivor-led service that works towards enabling survivors of violence in intimate relationships and domestic violence to become empowered to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives with resilience, dignity and well-being.”

SOAR Support Group (SJAF) ……………………… 2180 8981/2180 9011/2767 2367




Dar Emmaus 2155 2390

Dar Merħba Bik 2144 0035

Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena 2788 8211

Mental Health Malta 2330 4313

Programm Sebħ-Dar Qalb ta’ Ġesu 2148 2504

Rainbow Support Service [LGBTIQ] 2143 0009

Social Work Unit Gozo 2155 6630

Victim Support Malta  2122 8333

Women’s Rights Foundation 7970 8615

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